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And now . . . a word from President Pat Hogan

By Chicago Blues Hockey Club, 09/30/12, 4:05AM CDT


We recently sat down with Chicago Blues Hockey Club President Pat Hogan to get his thoughts on a variety of topics. Here’s what we found out.

Q: What’s different for the Chicago Blues Hockey Club as we kick off the 2012-2013 season?

We have many things to be excited about. We have had many board members and individuals from the club helping get the season off to a successful start. Over the past several months we added new hockey directors Mike Breslin and Chris Imes, we launched a great new website, we are back competing at Midgets with a Midget Minor CSDHL team and Chicago Blues merchandise is now available on-line and at the Sin Bin Pro Shop located at the Edge Ice Arena.

Q: What was your motivation to become club president?

The number one reason is the kids who play here! I have always been dedicated to our organization, and I believe I can lead our club’s board of directors and members into new directions as an organization. Our club’s past two presidents and many of our current board members have been wonderful mentors over the years.

Q: What are the best things about the Chicago Blues Hockey Club?

There are many things that make our club what it is. The number one thing that stands out is our members, the kids who play here and the parents. The dedication that our members put forth is critical to our success. Our hockey director program is one of the best in the nation at the tier II level and helps attract elite hockey players to our organization. I also think being centrally located in Bensenville and skating out of one of the best facilities in the area adds to an excellent hockey experience.

Q: What are some of the challenges that the club faces?

Keeping costs down is a challenge that continues to play a part in youth hockey. A majority of any club’s core players begin at a young age, and we need to find ways to attract and develop more players at Mites and Squirts. I believe we can overcome some of these challenges if we offer an excellent experience for both kids and parents. Also, USA Hockey and AHAI continue to develop programs from the Amateur Development Model (ADM) program.

Q: What is the club’s connection to the Junior Blues?

The Junior Blues are a very important component of the Chicago Blues Hockey Club. The Junior Blues is our entry-level hockey program, which includes both Pre-Hockey and House League programs. Our goal as a club is to reach as many young players as possible and to develop them into Chicago Blues travel players. Over the years, one of the best things I have heard as a coach from a former Junior Blues player is, “Hey, remember me?  You taught me how to skate!”

Q: Where do you see the Chicago Blues Hockey Club 10 years from now?

My goal, as well as the board of directors, is to see our club continue as a premier elite hockey organization. I believe that if we continue to provide an excellent hockey program, we can continue to grow our club through 2022 and beyond.

Q: What is the best advice you would give a family that’s new to the Chicago Blues Hockey Club?

First, thanks for giving us the opportunity to be involved in your son or daughter’s hockey experience. Second, cherish each and every moment that you have with your son or daughter and encourage them to strive to be the best that they can be both on and off the ice. Become involved with your team and offer your assistance to our club.

The 2012-2013 season is now upon us. Things will move fast as our lives will be disrupted for the next eight months. We will travel to who knows where for the love of the game. As time passes and our children grow older, we can only hope they will appreciate our dedication and time spent at the rink. As one coach put it to me years ago, “Hockey is not a race but a marathon.” Let the marathon begin!