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Chicago Blues' MinorBlues & FutureBlues programs


Are you looking to get started in youth ice hockey and get on the right path today with the Chicago Blues  youth hockey development programs? The Chicago Blues offer a Pre-Hockey Program and U8 Developmental League Program. Here is the natural progression:

Step 1: MinorBlues - Pre-Hockey Program

Step 2: FutureBlues - U8 Developmental House League Program

Step 3: Chicago Blues - Travel Hockey Program

Step 4: That’s up to you. Several Chicago Blues players have played it in the NHL! 

Ideally, we would like to see kids be able to skate on their own without help. Before registering, we recommend public skating or learn-to-skate tots program.

The Chicago Blues programs stress hockey fundamentals in a fun environment with leadership from USA Hockey-certified instructors. We foster the fundamental development your child needs to get on the right path to play travel hockey with the Chicago Blues Hockey Club.  From there? Who knows?

Interested? Please see MinorBlues or FutureBlues tabs for more information. From there - register for either Pre-Hockey Program or  Developmental League Program (depending on ability) under the “Register and Pay” tab. 

Equipment Needs: Helmet with a cage, elbow pads, shoulder pads, hockey socks, hockey pants, shin guards, hockey gloves, hockey stick, skates - rentals available. 

If you know anyone interested in our pre-hockey or U8 programs (ages 4 - 8) please forward  my contact information

Thank you again for your interest in Chicago Blues hockey. We look forward to putting your child on the right path to play hockey.  Be sure to check out our site for schedules, programs, and other updates.  

 - Coach Rick

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Rick Patrone

Chicago Blues Hockey