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Making the Grade

chicago blues Making the Grade program

The Chicago Blues is a proud supporter of the NIHL's "Making the Grade" program and the CSDHL academic achievement program.

NIHL honors our scholars with a patch or plaque to commemorate the achievement of receiving high grades. To qualify, first through eight graders must have a straight 'A' report card for a minimum of one grading period. High School participants must achieve a minimum of a B honor roll for at least one grading period. NIHL will only accept non alpha grades providing there is sufficient documentation provided that correlates the number to the A or B equivalent.

Central States players are eligible for the CSDHL academic achievement program. In order to qualify, players in elementary and middle school must also receive straight "A" in all subjects and high school students must also have a "B" or better honor roll for at least one grading period.

We want to recognize and reward our players for their off ice academic performance. In order for your child to receive this recognition, you must provide a photocopy of the qualifying report card – please indicate the players name and team. Only complete the attached form if you are providing an equivalent straight 'A' non-alpha grade report card.

The report cards and Making the Grade form and can be left in the Blues mailbox (Making the Grade folder) located at the front desk, of the Edge Ice Arena - Jefferson Street rink. If you have any questions please contact the Making the Grade Coordinator via email contact information found under Other Key Contacts