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Tryout Information


The Chicago Blues Hockey Club is a competitive Tier 2 travel hockey organization that fields multiple teams at every age level from Mites to Midget. We have a clinic and tryout process that is designed to be beneficial and rewarding for all participants.

The Chicago Blues Board of Directors works extensively with our hockey directors to establish a tryout and team selection process that is equitable and supportive of every player. The information below is designed to address common questions about our tryout and selection process. If you have additional questions that are not addressed below, please contact the hockey director for your player's age division. We wish all the participants good luck. Thank you for your interest in the Chicago Blues.


The Chicago Blues Hockey Club was founded in 1996 and over the past 20 seasons has become one of the premier Tier II travel hockey programs in the United States. Along the way the Blues have garnered a number of USA Hockey, Blackhawk Cup, CSDHL, NIHL and Silver Stick banners and hardware.

Our club teams compete in the Central States Developmental Hockey League (CSDHL) and the Northern Illinois Hockey League (NIHL) for Squirts through Midgets and the Chicago United Hockey League (CUHL) for Mites.

The following are just a few of the benefits of playing for the Chicago Blues Hockey Club:

  • The Blues skate out of one of Illinois' best hockey facilities, the Edge Ice Arena in Bensenville.
  • We offer a network of five professional hockey directors with a combined 74 years of youth hockey instruction.
  • Our head coaches work hand-in-hand with our directors to create the ultimate youth hockey experience for our players.
  • Expert goalie coaching focuses on overall fundamentals while also aligning with each goalie’s particular skill level and physical attributes.
  • Off-ice training programs appropriately designed for each age level by Goodman Elite Training (Squirt-Midget)
  • Multiple in-season tournaments (if available).
  • Every player receives a warm-up suit.


The Chicago Blues hold tryouts at each age division (Mite, Squirt, Pee Wee, Bantam and Midget) for each of our Central States Development Hockey League (CSDHL), Northern Illinois Hockey League (NIHL) and Chicago United Hockey League (CUHL) teams. Players for each team are selected based on the assessments of the coaches and hockey directors for each level. They determine both the player's ability and the players "fit" for a particular role on the team being selected.  Players should attend the team tryout of the particular team they wish to reasonably make. It is also reasonable for players to tryout for the next highest level team of where they expect to be placed.

Pre-season conditioning clinics are held in August. Please note that while participation is highly recommended, participation has no bearing on the tryout selection process.

Tryouts are structured over a four day period. Tryouts for CSDHL teams are scheduled on the first and second day of tryouts.  NIHL tryouts are typically scheduled on the third and fourth day of tryouts.  We encourage players to attend all tryouts.  

Cuts may be made after successive tryouts in the interest of allowing the coaches the best chance to review the prospective players for each team. Upon completion of a respective team’s tryout, the director assigned to that team will send an email (within 24 hours of the completion of the last tryout for that specific team) advising you if your son/daughter has been invited to join that team for the upcoming season.  Upon receipt of that email, you will have 48 HOURS to accept that invitation and to register your son/daughter for that team for the upcoming season (there will be a registration link in the email you receive from the director).  If you decline the invitation or if you do not accept the invitation within the 48 hour time period, your son’s/daughter’s roster spot will be given to another player and your son/daughter will not be eligible for placement on any other Blues team for the current season.   

The first practices generally start on the Monday and Tuesday following tryouts. If you have a question, please contact the hockey director for your player's age division.

As always, we encourage parents to recognize that there is potential disappointment in the team selection process. As much as you can, let your child know that you are proud of the effort they put in and for accepting the challenge to compete. 


Mite Tryouts Only $290
Squirt-Bantam Skater Clinics Only $190
Squirt-Bantam Skater Tryouts Only $340
Squirt-Bantam Skater Clinics and Tryouts $450
Squirt-Bantam Goalie Clinics Only $190
Squirt-Bantam Goalie Tryouts Only $260
Squirt-Bantam Goalie Clinics and Tryouts $330
Midget Skater Tryout Only $340
Midget Goalie Tryout Only $260


Midget U16 - $5800 (Goalie $3480)

Midget U15 - $5800 (Goalie $3480)

Bantam Major - $5200 (Goalie $3120)

Bantam Minor - $5200 (Goalie $3120)

PeeWee Major - $5200 (Goalie $3120)

PeeWee Minor - $5200 (Goalie $3120)

Squirt Major - $4950 (Goalie $2970)

Squirt Minor - $4950 (Goalie $2970)

Bantam 1&2 - $5100 (Goalie $3060)

PeeWee 1&2 - $5100(Goalie $3060)

Squirt 1&2 - $4550 (Goalie $2730)

Mite 1&2 (CUHL) - $3300 (Goalie $1980)

Mite 3&4 (CUHL) - $3300  

This season will also include Goodman Elite Off-ice training and new video room access which is included in 2023-2024 season fees.  (This is for Squirt-Midget only)

Preseason Goalie Clinics

2011 - 2016 birth years Thursday, August 17 6:10 - 7:10 pm West Rink
2007-2010 birth years Saturday, August 19 9:10 - 10:10 am West Rink
2011 - 2016 birth years Sunday, August 20 9:10 - 10:10 am East Rink
2007 - 2010 birth years Wednesday, August 23 6:00 - 7:00 pm West Rink